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Widecover, founded in 1997, is a family-owned company based in Berkshire, UK. It is a major sourcing partner in the Global Agrochemical Industry offering access to products at most competitive prices with timely supply.


Gurvinder Singh

Company Director

Jaitej Walia

Company Director


  1. Dicamba Technical
  2. Metamitron Technical
  3. Flufenacet Technical
  4. Bispyribac Sodium Technical
  • Metribuzin Technical
  • Pendimethalin Technical
  • Isoproturon Technical
  • Diflufenican Technical
  • Prosulfocarb Technical
  1. Fluazinam Technical
  2. Cyazofamid Technical
  3. Dithianon Technical
  4. Thifluzamide Technical
  • Propiconazole Technical
  • Tebuconazole Technical
  • Cymoxanil Technical
  • Azoxystrobin Technical
  • Prochloraz Technical
  1. Flonicamid Technical
  • Alpha-cypermethrin Technical
  • Cypermethrin Technical
  • Chloripyrifos Technical
  • Lambda-cyhalothrin Technical

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